Executive Search

Candidate attraction and sourcing takes many forms based on research and understanding of our target candidate market, their demographics and their motivators.

Strategies include internet and press advertising, referral programs, networking and targeted industry sponsorships designed to give our Consultants access to a broad, quality candidate pool and to promote the permanent opportunity to both the active and passive candidate markets.

At VertX we have a team that operates on the industry’s hottest developments, attractive maneuver, focused administrative and management needs.

VertX has been largely successful in the assignments committed. Our proficient panel of consultants’ painstaking, investigative capabilities and determination enables us to sustain as a leading player in the Executive Search field.

Recruitment Solutions

We realize that successful permanent staffing involves more than merely sourcing candidates with the skills and experience to do the job. To decide upon the perfect employee who meets the aim and ethnicity of your business can be a challenging process. A conscientious team at VertX guarantees the intention of meeting the staffing needs of our clients.
In the modern era there is a need for multiple expertises in the same field, where there was just one that existed a decade ago. There was purely no necessity for astonishing efforts and thought process involved in recruiting as the career choice was with in finger count. Furthermore contemplation on the subject of the emerging market was elusive. Our industry state of affairs is in the verge of a boom in numerous disciplines, cutting across all levels. At VertX we adapt to the latest industry changes to cater to our customer needs

IT Enabled Services - BPO
IT Enabled Services-BPO sector has evidenced a hasty growth in the past decade. The sudden transition has inevitably induced a state of candidate stipulation. There is an abundant opportunity in this sector coupled with a strong attrition rate. At VertX we encompass consultant who have precise expertise in identifying the people with a passion for these Jobs. The attrition rate among of our candidates in this particular industry is by par excellent that the average industry standard.
Consumer & Retail Services
India’s consumer and retail market that has a massive growth similar to the service industry is considered to be the subsequent area of interest.There is a shortage of manpower envisioned in this sector, for which there will be a need of fulfilling nearly 10,000 opportunities by next year. The greatest challenge on the trail for our consultants is to satisfy the demand in this industry by discovering the professionals who understand the trade.
Banking & Financial Services
India is considered to be the emerging market with respect to banking and financial services. Owing to the acquisitions and expansion of the companies in the industry relating to banking and funds management, there is an urgent need for finance professionals greater than ever before. At VertX we have expert consultants who work on these requirements seamlessly to meet the demands. Look out for Hot Jobs

Temporary Staffing

India is envisaged to be the next epicenter for short-term/temporary employment, given the nation’s intellectual supremacy and high competence coupled with cost-effective man power. Our Temporary Staffing division is a striving to become leading player in India, currently providing solutions to over 100 clients.

Through our specialized temporary staffing services, we lend hand in support & allow you to concentrate on your core business while we take care of your manpower needs. This activity is carried out with extensive care, as it entails a strong level of affirmation between our clients’ requirements, and the stance of our candidates.

To ensure the sync we pursue an explicit and meticulous process.Thus the temporary staffs identified are expected to meet the individual needs of each client’s situation.

Turn-key Projects

In a corporate environment epitomized by intense competition for high quality employees, inventive and inspired candidate sourcing techniques are a critical component for companies.

At VertX Solutions, our consultants will work closely with our clients to understand their organizational structure, objectives and culture, in conjunction with the detailed objectives, duties and outcomes associated with the position.

At this stage, the key success competencies for the roles of various candidates are determined. Based on this thorough briefing process we use the traditional strategies of advertising, referral programs and networking in a distinctive manner, which enables us to effectively identify pre-qualified candidates.

From the extensive recruitment solution database, craft effective strategies to communicate the opportunity to the broader candidate market, and ultimately, present our clients with a shortlist of outstanding candidates to fulfill the opportunity.Entrust your business needs to our enthusiastic and highly energetic consultants